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We have selected samples from C.I.G. 's comprehensive gem study collection which are difficult to identify. Most pictures were taken with an immersion-scope (methylene iodide); under a common "dry" microscope with dark-field illumination many features shown here may not be visible. A detailed booklet with computer diskette containing over 100 micro-photographs is available from Gemlab Book Services . © 1996 J. W. Kuehn

Description of inclusion features have been provided by Peter G. Read

516Sapphire, natural

517Chatham synthetic Sapphire

Similar inclusions appear in Chatham synthetic rubies, with the addition of thin white-appearing needles of platinum (both straight and curved), transparent clusters of colourless hexagonal tabular crystals, white wispy veils of fine textured flux and white flux fingerprints.

Some blue Chatham synthetic sapphires luminesce pale green in L.W. U-V and dull green in S.W. U-V (natural blue sapphires are generally inert).

518Sapphire, natural, Australia

519Chatham synthetic Sapphire

520Sapphire, doublet

525Sapphire, synthetic, pulled