CIGem News Fall 2016

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

after attending  Facets 2016 in Sri Lanka and spending some time in the Austrian Alps I am back  preparing for our fall activities. I am looking forward to the upcoming workshop and welcome our foreign participants.

I want to thank Gamini Zoysa who hosted an Advanced Spectrometry Workshop in Colombo after the gem show; we had attendees from several countries who could familiarize themselves first hand with the operation of  the GL Gem Spectrometer  and the GL Gem Raman PL535.

Also start planning for the AGTA GemFair in Tucson from Jan 31 – Feb 5.

Please note in your calendar the following dates:

Visit to the Gem Mining Areas in Rathnapura, Sri Lanka

I visited several several small scale sapphire mines nearby with Kasun (Hotel Gem Land).

More images and report at the Facebook page of the Canadian Institute of Gemmology.

Highly Recommended New Book

Gem Guide

I just received this exceptional new book (almost coffee table size). Each of the 440 pages is full of images and in-depth descriptions of gems and jewellery; I liked in particular the section on emerald and opal.

It can be purchased for US$ 35 or less at Amazon or Target.

From Gemlab Research & Technology

GL Gem Spectrometer 2016/17 model

We have replaced the motherboard in the GL Gem Spectrometer with a modern modular design and faster microprocessor. This will allow us to add new features and components in the future such as Bluetooth, WiFi communication, database search, etc. With the new GLGemSpec software (version 3.2)  spectra can be saved and matched with the integrated spectral library of over 180 gem references (experimental).

The 2016/2017 model of the GL Gem Spectrometer is now available.

Watch how a normalized absorption spectrum of green glass is obtained in 25 seconds (video, no sound).

GL Gem Raman PL535 2016/17 model

Our Raman spectrometer comes with a new motherboard, “Point & Shoot” software and integrated spectral library; fast averaging allows real-time observation of the Raman spectrum. All units come now with a mechanical laser security lock.

Databases have been updated and are available for download in the GLGemRaman Support section With the new GLGemRaman software (version 3.2) spectra can be saved and matched with the integrated spectral library of over 300 gem references or imported into a separate searchable database program with over 3,500 edited references; this database is linked to the large on-line mineralogical RRUFF database for Raman spectra.


One GL GemRaman PL532 TEC Demo unit in excellent condition.

Various gem testing tools; download current listing (PDF).

AGTA GemFair in Tucson

Join us at booth 31 at the Galleria Level of the Tucson Convention Centre 

Vancouver Gem Show, March 2017 

March 24 – 26

Pacific National Exhibition Forum
2901 E Hastings St

Vancouver, BC

Friday, March 24, 12:00-8pm
Saturday, March 25, 10am-6pm
Sunday, March 26, 10am-5pm


Admission Fee at Show doors:
General: one-day ticket – $7, three-day ticket – $10
Senior/Student: one-day ticket – $5, three-day ticket – $7
Children 12 and under free (with adult)


We will have a booth representing the Canadian Institute of Gemmology (C.I.G.) and Gemlab Research & Technology (GLR&T) demonstrating the latest advanced gem testing equipment.

Instrument sales: used equipment listing (PDF), special gem study collections, on-site gemmological services (small nominal fee), etc.