GL Newsletter September 2011

GL Gem Spectrometer Anniversary Sale

One year ago Gemlab Research & Technology introduced this innovative gem testing instrument; since then over 50 units have been sold to users in 15 countries. The improvement of the GL Gem Spectrometer is an ongoing process.

We are proud that we were able to enhance the CCD in a proprietary process to produce a much more stable signal; sensitivity was increased as well and both software and hardware are now 64 bit compliant. The GL Halogen Light Holder has been redesigned to produce a brighter light and less noise in fringe spectral  areas.

All units are hand-made locally, tested in the GL R&T lab before shipping and support services are available by phone and e-mail. The present price of US$ 1,495.00 (Can$ 1,565, 1.125,00 Euros) for the whole package including the software licence is the lowest this year. Take the opportunity and order a unit right now;  please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. More Information…

Free Delivery to Canada and Continental USA

Click Here to Order the GL Gem Spectrometer

Comment: GLGemSpec users have asked about the new MDM Direct Reading Digital Gem Spectroscope; it is definitely superior to a hand spectroscope with an accuracy down to 1 nm. However, it is still an analog device with a diffraction grating spectroscope coupled to a camera which allows comfortable viewing of the spectra on a LCD monitor. The GL Gem Spectrometer is a tool that requires a computer to operate. Spectras can be saved, edited, published and printed out; the instrument requires a more experienced gemmologist to interpret the results which are made available to others in a data-base.

Our Warranty and Commitment

We will repair and replace your GL Gem Spectrometer if necessary due to defective parts, etc during the first 6 months unless other consumer protection regulations exist in your country. We also offer free firmware/CCD upgrades within 12 months if shipped to us at your cost and risk and we will return the unit to you at no cost. After 12 months a processing fee of $ 295 will be charged which covers the firmware update with any CCD upgrade (can be customized), re-alignment and recalibration for dropped spectrometers, etc.  and return shipping charges; other repair services upon request. Software updates are always free.


GEM 350 GLGemSpec Update Workshop

This course is for current or future users of the GL Gem Spectrometer system.

  • Using PowerPoint presentations the development and use of modern spectrometers is introduced.
  • The actual use of an Ocean Optics USB 4000 spectrometer and the GL Gem Spectrometer is demonstrated and compared.
  • Practical testing of numerous gem materials will be conducted by the participants under supervision of the workshop facilitator.
  • Introduction of a prototype of the GL Raman Spectrometer to be released in February 2012.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own  gem materials for testing. To register on-line go here.

Presenter: Wolf Kuehn,  B.A., M.A., Dipl.oec, FGA,  FGG (Canadian Institute of Gemmology)

Time: Friday, November 11, 2011 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (3.0 hours)

Location: Vancouver Airport Hotel TBA, Richmond B.C., Canada

Limited to 8 participants

Participants who purchased the GL Gem Spectrometer system and future purchasers (within one month) will receive a voucher in the amount of $ Can295 which can be applied towards upgrade and calibration services, book and instrument purchases in the Gemlab store.

We reserve the right to cancel courses if there is insufficient enrolment; upon return of all course materials students will receive a full refund for the tuition paid but no other compensation can be offered.

Please wait with travel arrangements until final confirmation.

View/Download and read carefully our refund policy (PDF).