Pragmatic Spectroscopy for Gemologists by Hanneman

W. William Hanneman, Ph.D. has recently published a new book “Pragmatic Spectroscopy for Gemologists”.

Wolf & Hanneman
  • Part 1: Visible Range Spectroscopy
    • Video Spectroscopy
    • Reference Spectra
  • Part 2: Causes of Color
  • Part 3: Visible and Near IR Spectroscopy
    • GL Gem Spectrometer
    • Remote Operation
    • Selected Gemstones
  • Part 4: Typical Spectra of Colored Gems
  • Part 5: Typical Spectra of Colorless Gems
Pragmatic Spectroscopy for Gemologists
Wolf Kuehn and Dr. Bill Hanneman
Tucson, Arizona 2011
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You can download Wolf Kuehn’s PowerPoint presentation  “GL Gem Spectrometer and Advanced Gem Testing” held at the Arizona Hotel during the “ISG Lab Updates and Reports” session on Friday, February 4 here (PDF); the video-clips can be watched at the GL Gem Spectrometer page or in the GLGemSpec support area.

Bill Hanneman has also made available for download his Diamond Cut Grading Simplified (PDF) approach; a simple method as good as any other grading system.