Brasil X Gemfesta, Teofilo Otoni, 22 - 25 July 1998

Picture Gallery of the events at the Gemfesta

I wish to thank Kalil Elawar and his son Haissam of K. Elawar Ltda. for the support in arranging the visit to a tourmaline mine. Nonato Coutinho and his father of Pandora Gemas, owners of the mine, went out of their way to show me their small but productive mining operation.

I will not forget the exciting hour during which I had the privilege to view many exquisite gems of Kalil Elawar's superb collection. The total value of the gems - in particular the alexandrites - on the table in front of us was mind boggeling; it was a pleasure to listen to the interesting stories about individual stones Kalil was willing to share with me.

The gem market during the GemFesta was another highlight of my visit. We will certainly return to next year's event which will be held from July 7 - 11, 1999.

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