Gemology Tools Professional

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Latest Version: 9.3.10

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Included are such gemmology aids as the Gemstone Database which gives you access to information on over 1,700 gemstone species, varieties, trade names and misnomers. Also included are the Diamond Weight Estimator, the Colored Stone Weight Estimator, a pearl grader (based on the system developed by the Guide), a diamond cut grading system (devised by NAJA), a round diamond re-cutting analyzer and much, much more.

New to GT Pro is the Gemology Review module.This module provides over 900 questions about diamonds, colored stones, gem identification and pearls/gold and more. It's great for prepping for a gemmology exam or simply learning more about gemmology. The Gemstone Database provides over 30 facts, properties and characteristics for most gemstones. Over 800 gemstone photographs are included. The Gemstone Database also features the Gemstone Separator, the easiest way to make a gem identification and the Inclusion Gallery which provides you with over 220 visual examples of gemstone and diamond inclusions and surface features.

With access to over 1,800 gemstone species, varieties, trade names and misnomers you can look up just about any fact, property, characteristic or photograph in just seconds. With over 930 gemstone photographs, rough and cut, you can get a visual representation of many gemstones and gemstone inclusions. You can sort the database by Specific Gravity which gives you a look at the densest (or least dense) gems, or by Refractive Index to see which gems have the highest RI (or the lowest RI). You can use the Visual Crown Angle calculator to get a look at how the crown angle changes when the table width or crown height is changed. You can visit the Inclusion Gallery to view all kinds of inclusions or surface features.

The new Gemstone Separator is lightening fast. You no longer have to be perfect in your measurements. Example: the stone is Sapphirine which has a low RI of 1.701. Your measurement is 1.70. Under the old system you wouldn't have gotten a Hit when you queried the data. Now, with the Near Hits buffer zone you will! Watch the Gems Hit Table shrink as you add your findings. Simple to use but very powerful when you need help in nailing down that difficult separation.


Gemstone Database

With over 500 gemstones (and over 1,800 gemstone species, varieties, trade names and misnomers) the database covers any gem you're likely to come across in your day-to-day business (and those that you aren't).

Diamond Weight Estimator

This module allows the user to estimate diamond weights on 13 different shapes (round, princess cut, emerald cut, marquise etc) by entering the length, width, depth and the girdle thickness of a diamond (you can also add a percentage for variations).These are all industry standard formulas so if you have a round brilliant diamond with dimensions of 6.54 x 6.52 x 3.98 and a medium girdle thickness (and no other adjustments) your estimated weight will be 1.04 carats. The weight screen will also tell that the Depth percentage is 60.9%.If you chose an oval brilliant with dimensions of 7.52 x 3.82 x 2.37 with a Slightly Thick girdle the weight screen would tell you it weighs approximately 0.48 carats, has 62.0% depth and has a Length-to-Width Ratio of 1.97 to 1 (Too Long).

Diamond Weight Estimator - Data Entry Screen

Stone Weight Estimator:
This unit now allows you to pick from any gemstone contained in the Gemstone Database (over 470 gems). This allows you to get a weight estimation on virtually any gemstone. Example: Oval Andalusite: 10.11 x 7.55 x 4.33, medium girdle and moderate bulge (12%) results in an estimated weight of 2.40 carats, 57.35% Depth Percentage and a Length-to-Width Ratio of 1.34 to 1 (which falls into the Preferred range).

Pearl Grading: The Pearl Grading module is based on the grading system devised by The Guide from Gemworld International. New are the inclusion of Fresh Water Pearls, Black Tahitian Pearls and South Seas Pearls.

Gemstone Separator: The heart of the new Gemstone Database makes gem identification SO much easier than it has been in the past. Watch the Gems Hit list shrink as you add your findings. Simple to use but very powerful when you need help in nailing down that difficult separation.

Gemstone Photos: Over 930 photos of gems. Cut, rough, phenomenal - it's all here.

Inclusion Gallery: With the superb photomicrography of Martin Fuller and many others, inclusions are brought to life in the Inclusion Gallery. The Inclusion Gallery photomicrographs show you examples of such things as internal graining, laser drilling, naturals, included crystals, feathers, laser inscription, fractures and much more. These examples include colored stones as well as diamonds.

Cut Grading:
If you’ve ever tried to figure diamond cut grading by hand you know what a pain it is. Using the NAJA diamond cut grading system is simple with Gemmology Tools. Enter the data and you get the grade. Easy. Finally. Below isthe output screen after the user has entered the data.

Round Diamond
Cut Analyzer
: If you've ever had to estimate the weight loss of chipped diamond that must be re-cut you know how difficult it is to make sure that you are allowing for the proper angles. The Round Diamond Cut Analyzer will keep things in line and tell you when that desired crown angle or table size just isn't possible. For instance, if you have a diamond that has a large chip on the girdle you would select Retain Diameter and measure the diameter of the diamond straight through the chip. This would give you the smallest diameter. If you know the original carat weight before the stone was chipped you would enter that for Carat Weight (otherwise use the current weight). Enter the table percentage, crown angle, pavilion depth percentage and the girdle thickness percentage. Pressing Enter at this point will bring up "ideal" diamond proportions. GT makes it easy for you see what angles are needed for re-cutting.

Data Charts: There are three Data Charts which give quick reference for Diamond Weights, Baguette Weights and Colored Stone Weights.

Calculator: A pop-up calculator for any numerical questions the program doesn’t handle (are there any?).

Appointment Calendar: Keep track of all those appointments on this handy calendar. Also has an Alarm to notify you of an important event at a certain time.

Unit Conversions: Enter a weight (say 27.8 Carats) and the Unit Converter will you that 27.8 carats equals 3.5751 DWTS, 5.56 Grams, 0.1961 Avoirdupois Ounces, 111.200 Pearl Grains or 0.1788 Troy Ounces. All at once. Also converts Inches, Millimeters and Centimeters.

At the touch of two keys (ALT - TAB), the user can toggle between Gemology Tools and their favorite Windows word processor or appraisal program.