Examination Fee

$200.00 (Tax Exempt)

Examination fee for both written and practical exam for  GEM 150 Gem Identification when the course is taken by distance education (Canadian residents only) or the exam is not completed by the end of the practical class.

The fee is a non-refundable fee covering delivery of exam materials by Canada Express Post to a confirmed proctor including insurance while the exam materials are in transit and Canada Express Post return envelope to C.I.G.

The fee does not cover any fees the proctor may charge for supervising the exam. The exam must be returned by the proctor with the required signed Affidavit and within the time indicated in the accompanying letter.

IMPORTANT: After paying the examination fee please provide the name, address, phone number of the proctor who is supervising the exam by e-mail to your instructor or mail the exame request form.

All written exams are "closed-book" exams; for practical exams the proctor or student must provide all necessary testing equipment. For the practical exam all available book or internet resources can be used; however, there is a time limit for the exam.Please contact the C.I.G. office if there are any further questions.

NOTE: The passing mark for all written exams is 65%, for practical exams 100%. All examination fees are included in the tuition (unless indicated otherwise). The administrative fee for a second written exam is $ 100 and for a practical exam $ 200. Students may attempt to re-write a failed exam two times after paying the required fee within 6 months (after a waiting period of 1 month). A failed third attempt will lead to the dismissal of the student from the school.