GEM 110 Intro to Gemstones

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GEM 110 GEMSTONES (Gemmology I) - also available in Spanish

GEM 110 This is a general interest course introducing the basic identifying features of all important gems, including their appearance, special physical and optical characteristics, their occurrence and value factors. Also included is an introduction to diamond and colour gem grading, the use of gemmological instruments to aid identification.

Fee CAN$ 495 for home-study course (other countries US$ 495 plus Can$ 65 shipping; free shipping to Canada and Continental USA) comes with text: Nature Guide: Gems and the Gemstone Buying Guide. BONUS: 46 pages booklet "Gem Varieties".  Tuition for local classroom courses may be higher. Students who complete all lessons will receive a wall-certificate.

Course Type: Correspondence course. Certificate upon completion. GEM120 Gemmology II complements this course and can be taken concurrently.

Course Content: 1. Nature of Gemstones (1), Diamonds and Corundum 2. Nature of Gemstones (2), Beryl and organic gems 3. Crystal Structure and Origin of Gems, Opal, Topaz and Jade 4. Gem Cutting and Care, Garnet, Quartz and Spodumene 5. Gemstone Identification (1), Tourmaline, Chrysoberyl and others 6. Gemstone Identification (2), Diamond Grading (1) 7. Gemstone Economics, Markets and Values, Diamond Grading (2) 8. Colour Gem Grading and Appraisals 9. Gem Enhancement and Synthetic Gems 10. Review, Jewellery Manufacture, History and Fashion

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