GEM 120 Gemmology II

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GEM 120GEM 120 GEMMOLOGY II (Theory Course)

This theoretical course covers the physical and optical properties of gems such as refraction, reflection, gem crystallography, pleochroism, absorption spectra, etc. It explains the various instruments used in gem identification.

The textbook “Gemmology, 3rd edition, 2007″ by Peter G. Read follows closely the Gem-A preliminary syllabus exam requirements.

Peter Read has prepared answer sheets exclusively for C.I.G. students taking this course.

Fee CAN$ 445 for home-study course (free shipping to Canada; other countries US$ 445 plus $ 65 shipping) with text: Gemmology by Peter Read and DVD.

The course contains 12 correspondence lessons with essay type questions. Comprehensive answer sheets will be provided to prepare for the written exam.

Course Type: Correspondence only.

Course Content: 1. Gemmology, the science of gem materials 2. Colour, lustre and sheen 3. Crystallography, the science of crystal structure 4. Hardness, fracture, cleavage and parting 5. Specific Gravity 6. Refractive Index and double refraction 7. The optics of polished gemstones 8. Absorption and emission spectra 9. Luminescent and electrical properties of gems 10. Organic gem materials and their simulants 11. Synthetic gemstones 12. Gemstone simulants

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