GEM 130 Diamonds

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This course has now been combined into the new correspondence course GEM 130/140 Diamonds, Jewellery, History and Design

Please register only if you already have completed GEM 140 Jewellery, History and Design.

Students will learn everything they need to know about diamonds. Definition, formation, extraction, and distribution of diamonds. The 4 Cs: carat weight, color, clarity and cut. Sell more and answer customer questions with confidence. Introduction to diamond grading and jewellery fashion.

Fee: CAN$ 395 for home-study course (other countries US$ 395 plus Can$ 45 shipping; free shipping to Canada and Continental USA) with text: The Diamond Ring Buying Guide and study materials. NEW: DVD with “Gemmologist’s Guide to Diamonds”, “White Ice – Ekati Diamonds” and “Mystique of Diamonds” included.

Course Type: Correspondence course. Certificate after written exam. Pre-requisite GEM 140 Jewellery, History and Design.

Course Content: 1. Diamonds. How they are created. 2. The Beauty of Diamonds 3. Weight and Colour of Diamonds. 4. Judging the Clarity of Diamonds. 5. Judging the Cut of Diamonds. 6. Diamond or Imitation? Gold, Platinum. 7. Choosing an Appropriate Style. 8. Choosing a Diamond Ring, Judging Craftmanship.

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