GEM 140 Jewellery, History and Design

$295.00 (Excl. GST/PST; all prices in CAN$)


Please register only if you already have completed GEM 130 Diamonds.

This is an upgrade course as GEM 140 has now been combined into the new correspondence course GEM 130/140 Diamonds, Jewellery, History and Design


This course is a must for all jewellery collectors and enthusiasts.

In ten lessons a survey of jewellery from the ancient world to the present day will be taken.

Fee: CAN$ 295 for home-study course (other countries US$ 295 plus Can$ 45 shipping; free shipping to Canada and Continental USA) with the spectacular and lavishly illustrated text “JEWELRY – From Antiquity to the Present” by Clare Phillips.

Course Type: Correspondence only. Certificate of Completion. Pre-requisite GEM 130 Diamonds.

Please note: Student must register even if tuition is paid by someone else

PLEASE NOTE: Other countries additional Can$ 45 shipping charge will be applied.