Raman Spectrometer Setup and Tutorial

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We are providing an important tutorial package for purchasers of the GL Gem Raman PL532 system who may need assistance in setting up and operating the Raman spectrometer.

The cost of this service is based on average travelling expenses including airfare, accommodation and a reasonable amount of remuneration for the tutor/instructor. The total cost will include a six (6) hour presentation/tutorial which can be attended by up to 5 persons; additional time can be added at $ 125 hourly rate. This package could be of interest to conference organizers as well. Please contact us for an estimate. This service is also available to previous and future buyers of the GL Gem Raman and GL Gem Spectrometer. For Europe, South America and Far Eastern countries the total price will be around US$ 2,000/1.780 Euros; for North America US$ 1,000/Can$ 1,210.