HPHT Diamond Study Collection II

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The detection of irradiation and HPHT enhanced natural and synthetic diamonds requires advanced testing equipment such as the GL Gem Spectrometer and GL Gem Raman PL532.

Equally important for gem identification are reference sets of samples which have been properly identified and can be used for testing procedures. They are also excellent references for personal training using simplified methods such as polariscope, microscope and the gemmological hand spectroscope.

We offer the following HPHT study collection with a total weight of .84 ct; these diamonds have been prepared by the Canadian Gemological Laboratory (CGL), Vancouver, B.C and will be dispatched directly upon receipt of payment.

0.12 ct brown natural colour
0.13 ct colourless HPHT (type II)
0.12 ct pink multistep HPHT (type I)
0.12 ct yellow HPHT (type I)
0.14 ct orange HPHT (type I)
0.12 ct apple green HPHT (type I)
0.12 ct green multistep HPHT (type I)

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