GL Analyzer PL405 Kit

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Many GL Gem Spectrometer users have been asking whether their instrument could be used with UV LEDs or inexpensive laser pens.

After experimenting with a number of excitation sources and band pass filters we decided to offer the GL Analyzer PL405 Kit to all present and future GL Gem Spectrometer users who do not want to purchase the components on their own.

For your own protection always use laser safety goggles when operating any type of laser equipment.

The GL Analyzer PL405 kit converts your GL Gem Spectrometer into a "poor man's version" of a PL spectrometer as found in the GL Gem Raman PL532 or the new GL Gem Spectrometer NIR PL405. The results for obtaining luminescence spectra from ruby, sapphire, emerald, spinel, alexandrite, etc.  are very good.

The GL Gem Spectrometer in PL mode (PL spectroscopy) can be used to identify gems and minerals by their chromophores; there is also great potential for diamond characterization. It will detect the GR1 center for irradiated diamonds, the Si center often seen in CVD grown diamonds (in some cases without LN cooling) and polymer treatment in jadeite.

The GL Analyzer PL405 Kit contains:

  • Low cost 50 mW focusable blue laser (405 - 410 nm), Class 2
  • Tripod stand to position laser
  • Optional Long Wave Pass Filter (LWPF) for model 2011 - 2013 (please indicate)
  • 2x 16340 Lithium battery with charger or power supply (120 - 240 V)
  • Laser Safety Goggles for 190 nm - 550 nm, OD+6, VLPR >65%, CE certified
  • instructions for setup and use of the kit

This kit can also be used with a LW UV LED (365nm) flashlight such as Nichia, Engin or similar high quality LEDs; mercury-vapor SW and LW lamps are not recommended.

The long wave pass filter (LWPF) will only work with a mono-chromatic UV LED such as Nichia, Engin or similar high quality LEDs; with low cost UV LEDs and mercury-vapor SW and LW lamps second order effects and other unexpected results may occur. The GL LN (liquid nitrogen) Accessory (under development) can also be used with this kit.

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