GL Fiber Probe with diffuser

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The GL Fiber Probe with Teflon diffuser adaptor can be directly attached to the SMA 905 port of the GL Gem Spectrometer after removing the GL Gem Halogen 10W Holder or be used with an external light source such as halogen, deuterium or xenon made by other manufacturers.

Length: 1 m laboratory grade UV-VIS (not solarization-resistant for SW mercury lamp).

PLEASE NOTE: Using a fiber probe with the GL Gem Spectrometer requires a customized setup with external lighting and will change several parameters for obtaining a spectrum. Results may vary dependent on light source and its position, sample size (affecting path length) and orientation, etc.. Spectra will look different from those found in the database and/or obtained with the GL 10W Halogen Gem Holder.  An experienced spectroscopist may be required to interpret results because any external lighting such as sun light, fluorescent light, reflections, etc will affect the spectrum.