GL Gem Raman Band Pass Filter Upgrade

$510.00 (Excl. GST/PST; all prices in CAN$)

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This upgrade is for all 2nd generation GL Gem Raman PL532 (with our without TEC) units sold since 2013.

Base price US$ 350  - €uro  320 Mid-market rates: 2016-01-27

It requires the removal of the top cover of the old Raman unit and the transfer of the observation lid assembly and the optimization cover to the new plate; this takes less than 5 minutes using a small Phillips screwdriver (not supplied). No further adjustments required.

The GL Geman Raman Band Pass Filter (GLBPF) accessory is inserted into the narrow slot when needed.

The improvement in suppression of fluorescence in Raman mode is significant and will open up new areas of research.

Shipping to North America is free; for Europe  Can$ 20 and the rest of the world Can$ 40 will be added.

Please provide serial number of your unit when ordering to make sure this upgrade is compatible; contact us if you have any further questions.

Click here for more info about the GL Gem Raman PL 532 system and the GLBPF accessory.