GL LED Flashlight

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Due to new regulations for shipments containing Lithium batteries we are unable to ship to certain countries. This item cannot be included in other orders and must be shipped separately. Please contact us for further information.

This portable LED flash-light is ideal for inspecting gem materials (jadeite, etc) and minerals.

It comes with 2 (two) rechargeable batteries (type 18650 4000 mAh) and a 110 - 220 Volt wall charger.

The output of this flashlight is very strong and can cause injury to the eye.

  •  7W 300 Lumen
  • Durable aluminum reflector
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Weight: 89 (g)
  • Size: 141mm(L) x 30mm(head D) x 26mm(Flashlight D)
  • Change ON / OFF button tail switch, 3 modes.
  • Battery compatibility: 1*18650

The actual flashlight shipped may look different from the image shown above due to manufacturer's product modification.