GL Xenon Flashlight

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NEW Portable Xenon flash-light with tripod

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This setup is ideal for use with the GL Gem Spectrometer as an external light source. It comes with a set of rechargeable batteries and a 110 - 220 Volt wall charger. The  batteries will produce an illuminance of 154.00 lux overall with an output of 214.06 lumens (according to the manufacturer).

The output of this flashlight is very strong and can cause injury to the eye.

  •  3.7V or 7.4V 15W bulb
  • High Pressure Xenon - 125 Lumens
  • Durable aluminum reflector
  • Weight: 89 (g)
  • Size: 141mm(L) x 30mm(head D) x 26mm(Flashlight D)
  • Change ON / OFF button tail switch.
  • Battery compatibility: 2*18340 (7.4V) or 1*18650 (3.7V) depending on model
  • Tripod - can also be used with penlight lasers or UV light sources

  • GL Gem Spectrometer


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