Ecuador 2007 Tour

Ecuador is the ideal country for travellers who want to explore South America. It is a rather small country and has all climatic zones from the hot Pacific Ocean beaches to the glaciers of active volcanos reaching over 6,000 m. Major roads are in very good condition and transportation is efficient and inexpensive. The currency is the American $ and people are generally very friendly.

This time I travelled from Quito to Riobamba by bus and visited the Cotopaxi National Park.

A must excursion from Riobamba is the famous train ride to the Devil's Nose; however, I recommend to buy the ticket beforehand and then travel by bus to Alausi and board the train train there. It saves 3 hours or more due to frequent derailments.

The next day I went up to the Whymper Refuge at 5,000 m where serious mountaineers can climb the volcano Chimborazo, 6,384 m. As the weather was not promising we instead rode down into the valley on a mountainbike. If you want to do something similar I recommend Julio Verne.

It was now time to spent a day at the famous hot springs of Baņos before returning to Latacunga, 2,760 m with its great markets. From there more and more people travel the spectacular Quilotoa Loop to the crater lake at 3,950 m.

On my way up north towards the Colombian border I stayed at the picturesque market town of Otavalo.

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Quito, capital of Ecuador, Cotopaxi
Riobamba, Baņos
Latacunga Markets, Qilotoa Loop
Mitad del Mundo, Devil's Nose, Chimborazo, Otavalo

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